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Errands & Transportation - Our Home Care Agency Can Help

Safe, dependable errand and transportation services. 

eliminate stree with safe-t inhome senior care monticello indianaEliminate Stress

That list of errands can pile up quickly. We'll eliminate the stress of that endless errand list and replace it with peace of mind. 

safe senior transportaion assistance with safe-t in mindSafety on the Road

We'll make sure you or your loved one gets from point A to point B safely and efficiently with our Monticello home care assistance. 

make appointments on time with safe-t senior home care assistanceMake It On Time

We'll ensure appointments are made on time - every time! 

we are family at safe-t senior home care agencies

personal senior home care services safe-t monticello indianaHome Care Assistance - On the Road!

There are many reasons why driving may not be a safe option for you or your loved one. Vision or hearing loss, physical limitations, or delayed reaction time can present a hazard on the road. Our home care assistance providers are ready and available run errands and provide needed transportation. We make sure our clients get from point A to point B safely - while still maintaining their independence!

 safe-t home care agency offers transportation monticello indianaTransportation 

Driving can become more and more difficult with age, and many feel that they are losing their independence when they are no longer able to drive. Here at Safe-T-Home Care, Inc., our goal is to help you or your loved one maintain that independence while still remaining safe on the road. Our home care agency provides transportation to run errands, meet with friends, get to doctor's appointments, and more. 

safe-t home care providers assist with errandsErrands 

If you or your loved one prefers to remain at home, your home care assistance provider is more than happy to run errands in their place. We know that a long list of errands can be overwhelming, especially when it continues to grow larger every day. Whether it be a quick run to the store for eggs and butter or a trip to the pharmacy to pick up medication, our home care providers can make the trips needed to take away the stress and help you or your loved one maintain a full life.

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