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Senior Home Care in Winamac, IN

Only at home can you eat raw cookie dough while watching TV at full volume. Only at home can you wear your favorite old, stained t-shirt and bathrobe. Only at home—can you truly be at home. If you or a loved one becomes injured or otherwise begins losing the ability to do things on their own, you may want to consider senior home care for the Winamac, IN area.

Your personal care assistant is there to help with all of your direct personal needs, so you can have the peace of mind that you or your loved one is taken care of.

Personal Home Care—Winamac, IN

Personal Home Care—Winamac, IN

We can take care of all the chores around the house, like dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming. Our goal is to provide you with a clean, safe environment for you or your loved one—all while helping you with tasks that may be difficult or impossible to do on your own. We’ll even cook you hot meals and help you dress and bathe if needed.

Errands & Transportation

Errands & Transportation

There’s more to personal care than household tasks—you also have needs outside the house. Need to make a run to the grocery store? Let’s go! Would you rather stay home while your personal care assistant does the shopping? No problem! Need to get to the doctor on time? Of course! Want to spend the day at Northern Indiana Power From the Past? We’re in! Our goal is to help you maintain your freedom—inside and outside of your home.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Senior home care for Winamac, IN residents is a worthwhile investment, but it can often cause some financial difficulty. We fully understand this issue, and we provide free financial planning assistance to help you better manage the financial load. You’re not alone—we’re in this together.

Senior Companion Care

Senior Companion Care

Day in, day out, your personal care assistant is cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cooking the meals, and running errands. They’re more than your helper, they’re your companion. We love to get to know you and share in laughs and good conversation each day.


"If you need services for a little while or long term this company knows it’s stuff. I am a woman with severe asthma with bronchitis. I have used their service while my symptoms flare. No need to inconvenience your relatives to do your laundry, shopping or cooking for you. Just call them and they can handle it."

-Lori Magnifico

"I would trust Safe-t Home Care to make sure my parents and grandparents are truly taken care of in an environment they are completely comfortable with, their own home!

I can't imagine putting grandma into a nursing home, she loves tending to her garden and flowers too much to be away from them, and luckily, Safe-t caregivers can be there to assist her 100%.
Thank you for all that you do Safe-T!"

-Tiffany Armstrong


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1251 W Broadway St, Ste A
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