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Senior Home Care in Fowler, IN

As they say, “home is where the heart is,” and we want you to retain the comfort and independence of staying there. There’s no reason to move to a senior care facility when you can receive great senior home care in Fowler, IN.

Life changes, things happen, and you or your loved one may end up in need of personal care. And as the years go by, it can become more and more difficult to care for oneself. We’re here to give you or your loved one the love and companionship that they deserve.


Personal Home Care—Fowler, IN

Personal Home Care—Fowler, IN

After a full life of serving others, it can become difficult for seniors to do certain things for themselves. Our Fowler, IN senior home care makes sure that all these essential tasks are taken care of. Everything from housework like vacuuming and cooking to more personal care like dressing and bathing is handled for you, ensuring your personal comfort and security.

Errands & Transportation

Errands & Transportation

There’s nothing lonelier than feeling like a burden to those around you—but you don’t have to feel that way! Fowler, IN residents are likely to have doctor appointments and other business in other cities and towns. We’re more than happy to help with general errands and to make sure you get to your appointments safely and on time.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Apart from the emotional burden of needing home care (particularly if an injury is involved), the financial strain can often be difficult to manage on your own. That’s why we offer you free financial planning services, so you can make sure you or your loved one continues to get great care—and that you can breathe easy.

Senior Companion Care

Senior Companion Care

We care about more than just helping around the house and running errands. Our care providers put in the time to get to know you. Personal care requires personal attention—which is particularly beneficial for those who live alone. Society breeds comfort, confidence, and security, and we’re happy to provide that.


"If you need services for a little while or long term this company knows it’s stuff. I am a woman with severe asthma with bronchitis. I have used their service while my symptoms flare. No need to inconvenience your relatives to do your laundry, shopping or cooking for you. Just call them and they can handle it."


"I would trust Safe-t Home Care to make sure my parents and grandparents are truly taken care of in an environment they are completely comfortable with, their own home!

I can't imagine putting grandma into a nursing home, she loves tending to her garden and flowers too much to be away from them, and luckily, Safe-t caregivers can be there to assist her 100%.
Thank you for all that you do Safe-T!"



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